Past "Chicks in the Hood" Coop Tours

The 2015 Coop Tour has been cancelled as a precautionary measure due to concerns about Avian Flu.  Please join us for next year's tour!

 2011 marked our first chicken coop tour, where Pittsburgh chicken-keepers opened their backyards to curious visitors!  Follow past tour links for more details.  For more information about how the tour works, scroll down.  

Neighborhoods: Mexican War Streets, Swisshelm Park, Squirrel Hill, Fineview, Highland Park, Greenfield,  East Liberty, Homewood, Garfield, Wilkinsburg  
Coops:  15
Attendance: 279 + a ton of kids!
Beneficiary:  $2,040 for Animal Rescue League

2013 Tour

Homewood, Point Breeze, Squirrel Hill, Highland Park, Deutschtown, Mexican War Streets, Fineview
Attendance: 230 adults + a ton of kids!
Beneficiary: $2,500 for Just Harvest

Two chickens in the sunlight on a cement stoop in Pittsburgh2012 Tour
Neighborhoods: Mexican War Streets, Spring Hill, Highland Park, Fineview, Manchester, Friendship, Squirrel Hill
Coops: 9
Attendance: 230 adults + a ton of kids!
Beneficiary: $2,300 for Grow Pittsburgh

Neighborhoods: Mexican War Streets, Spring Hill, Highland Park, Fineview
Coops: 6
Attendance: 300 adults + a ton of kids!
Beneficiary: $1,712 for Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

* (Photo by Robert "Snakeguy" Habegger)
How it Works: 
Tickets can be purchased on the morning of the tour at several tour stops and coffee shops, which will be announced.  Once you purchase your ticket, you will receive a map and list of addresses for all of the coops.  It is self guided from there, but is spread throughout Pittsburgh, so having your own transportation is necessary.  You can visit the coops in any order.  Pick a few or visit all of them!  

There is often a guided bike tour as well, but Pittsburgh being Pittsburgh, we recommended this option for seasoned bikers.

What You'll Get:
The tour seeks to educate visitors about keeping hens and delight them with garden ideas and backyard sustainability projects. Open to adults and children, the tour showcases various styles of chicken coops and breeds. Urban chicken farmers are on hand at each location to discuss the how-to’s of chicken keeping. There are opportunities to photograph and get to know the chickens up close and personal. A wide-variety of coop styles, as well as the surrounding backyard gardens, make the tour interesting and fun for the whole family!

How much it Costs:

$10 per person, as of 2014
(kids 14 and younger are free)
Chicks-in-the-Hood shirts will also be for sale at limited locations.

Where the Money Goes:

Proceeds from coop tours benefit local organizations that are doing good work in the areas of food, animals, or gardening. 

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