2012 Chicken Coop Tour

Neighborhoods: Mexican War Streets, Spring Hill, Highland Park, Fineview, Manchester, Friendship, Squirrel Hill
Coops: 9Attendance: 230 adults + a ton of kids!
Beneficiary: $2,300 for Grow Pittsburgh

A small chicken coop with fenced in area in Pittsburgh
Backyard Coops and Runs Come in all Shapes and Sizes!
Two chickens in the sunlight on a cement stoop in Pittsburgh
Urban Chickens
A young girl feeds three black and white chickens in Pittsburgh
Fun for all Ages
Beehive in urban Pittsburgh
Tour attendees also got to see gardens (below), orchards,
rainwater collection systems, and beehives (above)

Beautiful raised beds at an urban homestead in Pittsburgh
Thank you letter for Pittsburgh Poultry Association's donation
Donation Acknowledgment from Grow Pittsburgh

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(First three photos by Robert "Snakeguy" Habegger)