• Support Forum
Through our Facebook support page, Chicken Peeps forum, and Chicks in the Hood page, we offer each other support and advice from everything from coop design to predator protection. Also see the Resources section for additional, well, resources.

  • CockTail Chicken Chat
Join veteran, newbie, and wanna-be urban and suburban chicken farms for Chicks-in-the-Hood Quarterly Cock-Tail Chicken Chat. Talk chicken with other poultry enthusiasts. Share chicken farming tips. Check the Chicks in the Hood Facebook page for upcoming events!

  • Bird Purchasing, Rearing, and Re-Homing
We go in together on purchasing chicks, providing fertile eggs for each other, sharing broody hens to hatch chicks, picking up chickens at fairs, and swapping birds when they're not the right fit.

  • Organic Feed Buying Cooperative (not active)
Though it is no longer in operation, Pittsburgh chicken keepers once formed an organic feed-buying cooperative to lower purchase price, shipping costs, and pick-up hassles. 
What Else We Do