• Annual "Chicks in the Hood" Chicken Coop Tours
2011 marked our first chicken coop tour, where Pittsburgh chicken-keepers opened their backyards to curious visitors! Chicks in the Hood is a one-day self-guided urban chicken coop tour comprised of volunteers who are enthusiastic about showing how chickens and urban agriculture are thriving in neighborhoods throughout Pittsburgh. The tour seeks to educate visitors about keeping hens and delight them with garden ideas and backyard sustainability projects. Open to adults and children, the tour showcases various styles of chicken coops and breeds. Urban chicken farmers are on hand at each location to discuss the how-to’s of chicken keeping. There are opportunities to photograph and get to know the chickens up close and personal. A wide-variety of coop styles, as well as the surrounding backyard gardens, make the tour interesting and fun for the whole family! Proceeds benefits community partners who support urban agriculture, such as Grow Pittsburgh.

Past Tours
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  • Chicken Keeping Classes
Local chicken-keepers have been sharing their knowledge with chicken 101 classes at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Stay tuned here for possible future events!

A display chart gives information on chickens at a local event in Pittsburgh

  • Event Representation
Pittsburgh Pro-Poultry People show representation at community events, like the Allegheny County Green & Innovation Festival, the Friendship Folk and Flower Festival, and the Plow Ahead Urban Farm Expo, so that city-folk have the opportunity to get up-close and personal with poultry!  Check out our What's New section for updates.

Childen look at chickens on display at a local event in Pittsburgh

  • Stray Bird Re-Homing

    We keep tabs on the occasional stray bird that comes in through the animal shelters (victims of college pranks, unwanted roosters, escapees,etc) and work to re-home them.
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What Else We Do